Expected Zakat to be Lifestyle

Expected Zakat to be Lifestyle

Expected Zakat to be Lifestyle
Expected Zakat to be Lifestyle

The holy month of Ramadhan 1438 H

this year will be a momentum for Rumah Zakat to channel 160,264 packages of aid in their own 10,000 Powerfull Villages (Desa Berdaya ). The villages themselves are spread over 36 cities and districts from Aceh to Papua.


The commitment of aid distribution was revealed in the launching of Ramadan

Smiles Packages by Rumah Zakat, Tuesday (16/5) in Jakarta. As for the Ramadan Smile Packages program is Sharing Fasting Break, Lebaran Gift Orphans, Family Lebaran Gift, and Shird Qur’an.


“Ramadan is a special moment when people need extra

basic necessities, as many needs and prices tend to be expensive,” the CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi said in Jakarta on Tuesday (16/5).

According to Nur, Ramadan is always a special month because it offers double rewards. Animo muzakki (zakat payers) through Rumah Zakat also shows an increase from year to year. Ramadan last 2016, Rumah Zakat has channeled 125,173 packages of aid to all over Indonesia. The number increased compared to 2015, which amounted to 110,291 aid packages.


“Our hope, Ramadan Smile program be an alternative

choice of muzakki and the people of Indonesia,” said Nur again. Although, continued Nur, the most donated donation category is still zakat But he hopes, not only in time of Ramadan month the spirit of Indonesian society to pay zakat. This should be maintained throughout the year. Or even become a lifestyle.

“This means we are increasing the opportunity to empower the less fortunate people,” he concluded.

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